About Us

Atlantis Pest Management, Inc. was started in April of 2006. The owner Michael Twomey started with the belief that if you treat people the same way you wanted to be treated it will help in keeping this customer and that customer referring Atlantis Pest Management to their friend ,family and co-workers when they need a problem solved. Michael Twomey has been licensed in pest control since 1979. 

We at Atlantis Pest Management will not try to sell you something that you do not need. We will give honest evaluations, charge reasonable rates, and provide a professional service. All technicians are licensed by The Dept. of Food and Agriculture.  They are trained to “Think like what we are chasing”. This process is vital in eliminating your pest problem. Our staff is trained in the biology of all pests. When trained this way our technicians will treat each property with the mindset of the What? Where? When? and How?

  • What pest are we trying to control?
  • Where did the problem originate?
  • Why is there a problem?
  • How are we going to solve your problem the most effective way?

When this approach is taken the treatment is tailored to the property to control the problem in the most effective way. This minimizes the application of pesticides on your property while solving your problem in a timely manner.

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